10 Affordable Gadgets 2012 Brought Us

As any gadget fan will tell you, a gadget is for life and not just for Christmas. Therefore, even after the festive period, we will still all want to fuel that yearning inside us for new and exciting things that make doing other things easier. And what’s better than a gadget? An affordable gadget. There’s no point having a wonderful piece of technology that does everything you could ever dream of if it costs the earth and is therefore only really available to those people with limitless disposable income; which is very few of us in today’s climate.

So with that in mind, here are ten affordable gadgets that have been available throughout 2012 and which may top your got to have gadget list for 2013.


Affordable Gadgets 2012


1.     IPod Nano Watch Strap – The great thing about IPods is that they allow us to take our music anywhere we go and therefore we are able to create our very own soundtrack to life. A lot of people use their IPods when jogging but there is often nowhere to put them other than in your hand. This strap allows you to attach your Nano to your wrist; problem solved.

2.    Kensington Travel Plug Adaptor – If it’s not bad enough that you have to fumble around in your draws when you go on holiday looking for travel adaptors, you also have to establish which type of plug is relevant to which country. Well, not anymore. This handy device will facilitate the use of your electrical equipment in over 150 countries worldwide.

3.    Master lock Padlock – Do you often think that combination locks are too easy to break into? Well this clever piece of kit has an electronic interface, so you can secure your belonging in the same way as you lock your phone screen.

4.    Dual Controller Charger – This is a must have gadget for any gamer. If you are fed up of only being able to charge one of your Wii or Xbox controllers at a time then this device will change that for the better.

5.    Portable Vibration Speaker – This is one of my favourite gadgets on the list. Isn’t it annoying when the speaker on your phone or other portable device just isn’t loud enough? Well with this great device you can turn anything you like into a speaker. It works by turning your music into vibrations and then passing them through the object it’s attached to.

6.     Thermostatic Radiator Valves – You may think that this doesn’t sound as exciting as the others but saving money is definitely exciting. These thermostatic radiator valves are easily attached to your radiator and will decrease your heating bills. All you have to do it set your desired temperature and the valve will only let enough water through to maintain this level. Thus reducing the amount of heat that is lost unnecessarily.

7.       IPhone Card and Cash Case – This is the gadget that means you can now add ‘act as a wallet’ to the list of things that your IPhone can do. This case has space for your notes and credit cards within the back of it so that you no longer have to carry a phone and a wallet. Looks like Apple were right and an IPhone really is all you need.

 8.       Garage Parking Sensor – A lot of cars these days come equipped with a sensor that helps you park by letting you know how close you are to any oncoming objects. But if you can’t afford the luxury vehicles that usually have these then you can just buy the sensor. It can then be placed in your garage or regular parking space at the office so that you never have trouble parking again.

 9.       Multi-Use Mouse Mat – Any normal person may think that the two or three USB ports that most computers come with these days are enough, but gadget lovers will tell you differently. This mouse mat has four more ports built into it and a speaker as well. Perfect for the person who has more gadgets than they know what to do with.

 10.   Stick On Joystick – Do you love the gadgets that the 21st century has to offer but long for an experience from the 90s gaming world? Well with this last gadget you can do just that. Just attach the joystick to your IPad or tablet and you can use it to control your favourite arcade game characters. Pacman has never been so fun.

Author Bio :- Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of West Radiators. Visit their website to see the range of valves they stock; including thermostatic and angled radiator valves.

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