10 Android Apps You Should Try in 2013


Every Android user will always be in search of best apps for their mobile or tablet. Few apps and games on Android platform are very much addictive. Most of the apps seen on iOS can also be found on Android platform. If you are using Android smart phone or tablet, you can enjoy these apps and can spend good time:

  1. Auto Memory Manager: It is a free app and can be used for managing memory on your mobile. It is an ad-supported app which can provide in depth details of your mobile memory information and enables the users to set their memory priorities.
  2. Beautiful Widgets: As the name suggests, this is the app enabling the users to customize their phone’s home screen. It allows the users to include battery status, weather reports, clocks, and other different elements. This app will make your phone’s home screen more useful to you.
  3. Maxthon internet Browser: This is an internet browsing app with lot of features for optimization. It can support HTML 5 and comes with advanced gestures. Lot of configurations is possible on this browser and that is what making this browser stand apart from other browsers.
  4. Juice Defender: This is one of the most popular apps for improving battery life. This app works towards conservation of battery life by disabling the components which are draining the battery at the peaks. For instance, it will disable 3G / 4G connectivity when the phone is in idle mode.
  5. Launcher Pro: Android phone can launch its own apps by default, without any need for separate app. But this Launcher Pro enables the users to have lot of customizations regarding launching of apps. It is a third party application and is the most popular one among launcher apps.
  6. Speed Test: Sometimes your phone might become slow suddenly and it might not be able to download the apps. If you feel that there is no fault with your network, you have to check the settings on your Android device. For this, Speed Test app will be of great use.
  7. Swift Key 3: This app is in beta state now and can be considered as best virtual keyboard for Android. Users can easily type longer sentences with this app, because it eliminates the need to tap spacebar. Relevant word suggestions are also provided. Although this app is not available on Google Play Store, you can get it by logging in to Swift Key VIP Member website.
  8. BBC App: Still, BBC is the most favorite news source for many people. Those who want to enjoy news from this network can download and install this app. This application enables the users to listen to live radio, watch video reports, get through latest updates, etc.
  9. Flip board: It is becoming popular nowadays and is earlier available only on iOS platform. This is a social reading app which can aggregate web content and offer the same in magazine style layout.
  10. Read It Later: As the name suggests, it is the app letting the users to save videos or web pages to read them later or to have access even after going offline.

Written by Rabby, co-owner of tech blogs – TechieMode and TechieInYou

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