10 Most Popular Mobile Phone Gadgets

Mobile Phone Gadgets

These days it is a fact of life that you will never be far from your smartphone; in fact your phone could even be looked upon as an extra limb you have grown. Whether at the dining table or in the tub, you will often feel the compulsion to religiously check your phone for status updates and instant messages every few seconds. So, for each and every lover of mobile phone technology there is a list of must have accessories, below a list of the 10 most popular mobile phone gadgets (in no particular order of preference).

Firstly, no phone is complete without a case. Whether you are clumsy and persistently drop your phone, or whether you are concerned about scratching the screen of your new favourite toy, there is a case for you. Choose from trendy, waterproof or make a retro statement with an 80 s cassette tape screen cover; the choice is yours.

As previously discussed, your new smart phone will most probably have become an extension of one of your limbs. However, as you generally need your limbs for other purposes, a great must have accessory is the hands free kit. This will enable you to complete your everyday tasks such as cooking or even bathing, keeping your hands free for what they were originally designed.

You may be in the habit of converting your mobile into a miniature TV whilst on the move. So, the next must have gadget on the list is a stand for your phone. Your stand will prop up your phone, allowing you to watch in comfort. Choose from traditional stands or something more interesting such as a soldier to hold up your phone.Best mobile gadgets

When your chosen mobile has a touch screen it can be quite annoying to use your finger tips all the time. So, invest in a comfy crayon or pen as a hip gadget for facilitating your smart phone use. Choose from a range of styles and colours to suit.

Depending on your make and model, clarity may be an issue for you and your phone. Here the trendiest gadget is a horn amplifier that will allow you to listen clearly. Choose from a range of colours to complement your phone.

Next, dust on your screen can be annoying. So, invest in a fluffy animal pet to wipe away the dirt and grime. In cute finger sized proportions, your furry pet will quickly become your new best friend.

A top gadget for the ladies is a mirror case for your phone. Simply switch from phone to mirror mode and you can forget having to carry around your bag to check your hair and make up; you will also become the envy of all your friends.

Next on the list for gadgets is a tune base FM outlet for all your essential music on the move. This gadget will find and tune your radio to the best frequency station as you drive, keeping your hands free to concentrate on the road ahead.

For all those calls on the move what you need is the latest Bluetooth headset. Forget interference and bad quality calling; with this accessory your calling will be crystal clear wherever you go.

Last but not least on the list of the 10 most popular mobile phone gadgets is the premium multimedia headset. As a lover of mobile phone technology you will love to listen to your favourite tunes as you travel. With fast forward, rewind, volume control and much more all within easy reach, this gadget transforms your listening quality for good.

Author Bio: Mark enjoys discussing all kinds of mobile phone related topics from reviewing the latest phones to discussing the most popular accessories to accompany them on behalf of Morpeth Mobile.

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