5 Cool Gadgets for People Who Like Blogging

cool gadgets

Here are five cool gadgets that do not involve some sort of plugin or online tool. These are gadgets that you can buy in shops and that will help your blogging in the real world. They are not some piffling little plugin that you will use once and then delete. The gadgets on this list can be quite expensive, but if you look on eBay and Craigslist, you will find all of them for very reasonable second hand prices.

1 – A microphone headset, windows 7 and voice recognition

A sexy little package for all those people who love to blog. Windows 7 has a voice recognition and Windows 8 is said to have the same program installed (it has not been improved sadly). Using voice recognition and a headphone and microphone set, you are able to type out your blog without touching a keyboard.

microphone headset

Why a microphone headset?

The voice recognition program is very sensitive to the slightest bit of background noise, to the point where if you use a headset and having music playing in the headphones, the voice recognition will not work properly. If you use a desktop microphone then it picks up background noise, where as if you use the microphone on the headset then it is only centimeters away from your mouth, so will pick up less interference (just don’t breath too heavy).

Why it is a great blogging tool

It is going to create a few mistakes that you will have to proofread to find, but on the whole it is a great little tool for when you just do not feel like typing. When you are too tired, a little tipsy or not feeling very well, it is a great way to create chunks of text within minutes. Moreover, you can always proof read the text at a later date when you feel better.

2 – Touch type teaching software and keyboard

Learn to type with your eyes closed. It sound crackers–but if you can learn to type with your eyes closed then you can take little rests whilst you are typing so that your eyes do not hurt too much. You should also remember that if your learn to touch type then you are going to spend less time at your computer because you will be able to express yourself a lot quicker.


Getting used to it

There is software that teaches you how to touch type with simple games and exercises that pop up on the screen. The software will show you where to put your fingers on the board, and will help you to get used to using all of your fingers.

The keyboard

The learner keyboards are great because they have markers to show you which finger is supposed to press which button. For example – the buttons that your middle finger on your hand must type (i k , ) are colored differently to the other keys, so that you know that your middle finger must only touch those keys. They are a great little learning tool because learners will often look at the keyboard more than the screen.

3 – Noise cancelling headphones

There are two types: there is the type where you need to have music playing for them to block out all of the background noise. The other types will block out background noise even if you are not playing music–they are more expensive. You should also remember that you can absorb sound through your bones, skull, mouth, jaw and nose, so there is no such thing as a device that will cancel out all background noise.

Noise canceling Headphones

Why use them

If you truly want to concentrate and focus then it is best to work in silence. However, sometimes a blogger has to choose between being distracted by surrounding noise (parties, street workers, arguing siblings, etc) and being distracted by his/her own music. For those who choose music, he or she should use noise-cancelling headphones so that the music is all he/she can hear. As a side note–it is better to have music with no words, as they make it harder to type your words (try classical, movie theme tunes, house music, drum & base, or clubbing music).

4 – A coffee maker and calcium tablets

Drinking coffee in reasonable amounts will help you to maintain your focus on the task at hand. Drink too much and you will become easily distracted and will fall asleep when you “Come down” (to use the colloquial vernacular). A coffee maker will allow you to treat yourself to various types of coffee so that you develop a palate for it (get the taste for the different types). Blogging and coffee make great bedfellows if you restrict your coffee drinking to when you are blogging.

coffee-maker tablets

Why calcium tablets?

When you drink coffee the drug caffeine is absorbed into your blood stream. Caffeine is a drug that causes calcium-induced calcium release (CICR). In short you could say that the calcium and caffeine work together to release adrenaline in your blood stream, which is what makes you feel all awake and alert.

The truth is that caffeine actually lowers the chemicals that tell your brain you “Don’t” need adrenaline, so the brain thinks you need adrenaline and releases it. If you take calcium tablets then not only will it stop the caffeine from pulling the calcium from your muscles (and eventually bones), it will help the caffeine have a stronger effect. The more calcium you have in your system then the better the effect the caffeine will have on you. You need to follow the instructions on the bottle, meaning you may need to take two or three per day.

5 – A cheap digital camera or a camera on your cell phone

Photo images are not used enough on blogs for two reasons. The first is because finding images that have a free-usage license is hard. Most of them are crappy cartoons or images that have been republished by people who do not really want them anymore (such as images of conferences, etc). The second reason is that blogs with images take longer to load, which damages a blogs ranking on the search engines and annoys their viewers.

cheap digital camera cell phone

You can create your own images

The problem of not being able to find images for your blog is solved with a camera. Take your own images for your blog. The great thing is that you can adapt any image you take so that it fits your blog. For example if you write a blog post about Canada, you do not need to run off to Canada to take a photo of it. You can have a photo of your pet rabbit nibbling on a Canadian flag. If you did a blog post about the world’s tallest man then take a photo of a footprint in the mud, which is surrounded by Army men and toy cars, so that the footprint looks massive.

Loading faster

If you want your blog to load faster you will have to learn about caching to help your blog posts load faster for your user. If you are using something such as Magento, WordPress, Blogger, etc (there are a few more mainstream ones) then you can buy/download plugins and extensions that will compress all but your most recent blog posts. This means that your previous blog posts will not load unless the user clicks down to see them, or scrolls down–this will make your blog load quicker so that you can add images without fear. You should also add smaller sized pictures. You can shrink your images down using the resize function on Microsoft Paint, which comes with any Windows package.

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