5 Latest Game Applications for iPhone that You Must Not Miss

The powerful chip and efficient processor of iPhone make it easier for gaming apps to work more effortlessly. These gaming applications are easy to upload and interesting indeed. Some of the games even run perfectly on your iPads also.

The list of 5 very popular and interesting gaming applications has been given below. Go through the list and pick your favorites:

  1. The Fieldrunners 2: This addictive and amusing game is a hit amongst all the game lovers. The updated version of the game is out and you can play it in your latest iPhone too. The latest version of the application provides more advanced and exciting game levels, more interesting weapons and tactics to enjoy the game. The size of the game is just 43.4 MB and the downloading cost is $2.99.
  1. Zombie Farm: If you like playing Farmville, then you’ll love to play the Zombie Farm too because both the games are similar to some extent. Still there is an exciting twist, the Zombie Farm comes up with zombie farming. May be you killed zombies in many games, but have you ever harvested them? If the answer is no, then here is a chance for you to grow your own zombie farm. Play Zombie Farm and plant corpses along with crops. This is an absolutely free application.
  1. The Jelly Car: This game application is also free and really interesting. The latest version of this game allows you to increase your collection of cars. The jelly cars are loaded with latest interesting features to ensure a superior gaming experience. Now, you can drive your latest squishy cars through 28 squishy worlds and enjoy the game to the fullest. You may even transform your jelly cars to progress through the game levels. This exciting game will take only 29.9 MB space of your iPhone.
  1. The Civil War-1863: This application is developed by the Hunted Cow Studios. Through this game application Iphone you can experience the thrills of American Civil War. You may take control over the Union and Confederate forces and play the exciting game through careful strategies. The battles are based on historic events and 8 different unit types are there to play. The size of this application is 91.3MB and the price is only £1.49.
  1. The Doodle Jump: This Free game application for Iphone has been rated as the most addictive amongst all the games. In fact the users mark this as the best iPhone game ever produced. In this game you’ll get 11 exciting worlds, amusing platforms, UFOs, black holes, monster traps and so on to experience interesting gaming strategies. The price of this exciting application is really meager – only $0.99 and the size is just 25.1 MB.

These 5 game applications are really exciting and may influence your iPhone gaming experience in a big way. So don’t wait anymore, check out the list and make your choice.

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