Apple and Android Compared


Which one is right for you?
For most of us, which platform we choose for our phone is heavily influenced by what we have chosen in the past. A chance encounter with a different platform can leave us curious as to what we might be missing by such conservative behavior.

Setting aside preconceptions and prejudices and making a straight choice between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android software is not as straightforward as you might think. Which you choose will depend on how flexible you want the phone to be. Much like in the PC world, the Apple products are a what you see is what you get purchase, while the competition provide a superior level of flexibility and customization. That said, Apple iOS provides pretty much everything the most demanding of users could hope for straight out of the box.

Without wanting to be overly stereotypical, if you are the kind of tech savvy person who likes to tinker, customize and tailor every aspect of their technology, then an Android phone is going to be the one for you. However, if you are the kind of busy person who wants their phone to be completely intuitive and slot easily into their schedule, then the iPhone will be the better choice.

Following the crowd?
If you one of those who are influenced by which product is shifting the most units, then again, there is no clear first past the post winner. Android is marginally the most popular smartphone OS, but the iPhone products still move more units in comparison to Android phones with a similar spec. However, there are several dozen Android phones to choose from, while there are only 3 models of iPhone.

Although you are equally likely to encounter others with the same OS on their phones, with an Android model they are far less likely to be carrying an identical phone to you. So, again, it comes down to personal choice; how do you feel about that? If you view having an identical phone to those around you as being on trend, then that is one thing. However, if it makes you feel more like you are merely following the crowd, then that is quite another. However you perceive it, the Android phone definitely has the edge when it comes to exclusivity.

What about downloads?
There is not much to choose between the range of apps for the two different platforms. If there is a need for an app someone will have identified that need and you will find it already there, waiting to be downloaded. Apple strictly controls the apps that appear in their app store, while Android apps may be obtained from many different sources. If security is paramount to you, then the iPhone has this angle covered better. When it comes to downloading music, the Apple product again has the edge, with integration to their iTunes store allowing access to any files you may have already downloaded via PC. Android’s Google Play is a perfectly usable service, as are indeed the several other third party apps you can use for this purpose.

Making the decision.
Which smartphone you choose says a lot about you, as a person. Choosing the right model and platform is as much a question of looking at who you are and how you want to use the phone, as it is about looking at the features and specifications of the phone itself. The truth is the current generation of phones are so sophisticated that whichever one you choose, it will provide you with a stylish and powerful solution.

Personally, I find, the greater choice, exclusivity and flexibility of an Android phone, together with more scope to get a better deal, is the one that works for me.

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