BlackBerry Q10 Review – BlackBerry 10 OS with physical QWERTY keypad

BlackBerry Q10 Review

Second in line after the BlackBerry Z10 to incorporate the new BlackBerry 10 OS Mobile platform, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone is the first one to have a physical QWERTY keyboard with it.  This phone is targeted towards that audience who still has a liking for a physical keyboard. It is indeed a very small segment in the market which is dominated by touch screen Smartphones. But the USP of BlackBerry has been its ability to deliver top notch QWERTY keyboards on its phones which remains unmatched in the market.

Let us have our hands on to the Q10 and analyze the device for a verdict.


At a first glance, the BlackBerry Q10 looks firm and well-made.  The reason according to BlackBerry is using the glass weave technique on the back of the device which is twice as strong as plastic and stainless steel framework that folds around the sides. This gives the new phone, a more premium and attractive exterior compared to the older BlackBerry phones and at the same time has improved physical properties. We think that the Q10 is designed and made for the business user.

Looking at the various controls of the Q10, it has the power button on the top while the volume controls are embedded on the right side. Spanning a compact 120x67x10.4mm and weighing just 139g, the Q10 fits quite snugly in the hands.


With its 8MP camera, the BlackBerry Q10 compares closely with the flagship touchscreen Z10. The camera on Q10 has some of the features which are designed for Z10. One of them is the ‘Time Shift” mode which is quite effective and it lets you to click high speed shots and then select the best facial impressions from each click. The result is a photo in which everyone looks great in case of a group picture which is achieved by integrating a photo frame by frame with the selected shots. This is a prominent feature that will help you a lot in group photography like that in schools, wedding et al.


The BlackBerry Q10 features a 3.1” square touch screen packing a resolution of 720x720p with a density of 330dpi. The screen is Super AMOLED display which has the capability of giving high performance and consuming less power at the same time which is critical to battery life. During our standard tests, the Q10 screen reproduced high quality colours and contrast ratios.

The screen gives fast responses to touch, though it is a little awkward operating a square display that is relatively smaller compared to most touchscreen Smartphones available in the market. The combined usage of QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen needs to get used to as it has never happened before.



When it comes to keyboard, BlackBerry 10 OS is the bellwether in the physical QWERTY keyboard segment. This is the main reason why many consumers prefer BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry promoted the Q10 keyboard as “The absolute best typing experience in the industry” at the launch. The keyboard is nice and offers an effortless typing experience and therefore BlackBerry doesn’t disappoint in this area.


Though the BlackBerry Q10 will not catch the fancy of the masses who are hooked on to the fully touch screen Smartphones, it will appeal to those who can’t fathom a phone without a physical keyboard. The combination of a physical keyboard and the latest BlackBerry 10 OS will make the Q10 a decent buy.

The Q10 is meant and aimed at a very specific audience and we profess that the specific consumers will be more than happy to get this latest phone from BlackBerry.

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