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Shop Intel Powered Xolo X1000 for just Rs 13,500

Now that’s the good news for smart phone lovers, Xolo X1000, a fierce fast smart phone with an extra ordinary display with Android powered is available at just Rs 13,500. This Intel Clover Trail+ platform based smart phone was launched for Rs 19,999 in March this year, but now is available for just Rs. 13,500.

BlackBerry Q10 Review – BlackBerry 10 OS with physical QWERTY keypad

Second in line after the BlackBerry Z10 to incorporate the new BlackBerry 10 OS Mobile platform, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone is the first one to have a physical QWERTY keyboard with it.  This phone is targeted towards that audience who still has a liking for a physical keyboard. It is indeed a very small segment

Keynote Vs PowerPoint

What comes to mind when there comes a time we need to make a presentation? Of course, Microsoft PowerPoint, or atleast for 90% of the user base! Even though a lot of tools are available now (Google Presentation, Impress, Symphony, Keynote) for making presentations, MS PowerPoint has been the trusted tools by successive generations of

The iPhone 5 Vs The Samsung Galaxy S III

This is a quick overview of both phones for those who are interested in what having each phone feels like on a day to day basis, without all the detailed technical jargon.

European Availability News: More Pixels for Dell’s Linux Ultrabook

At the end of the November 2012, a report is generated on Dell’s Ubuntu- powered XPS-13 Developer Edition, when laptop was release in which comments were generally positive. Instead one exciting comment which seemed to dominant i.e. the XPS-13’s 1366X768 resolution, which is totally insufficient for the laptop’s intended audience and use case.

The HTC One SV Review – The 6 Smashing Features to Mesmerize You

When it comes to innovative smart-phones, one brand which never disappoints people is HTC. The latest offering from HTC is the HTC One SV. The competition in the smart-phone market is tough enough. So what the latest HTC One SV has in its store to grab the attention of consumers? Read along and know about

In WebRTC Interop Demo, Google Chrome and Mozilla Play Nice

When it comes to advancing the web through the use of open standards, the two Google and Mozilla may compete for browser market share. This has been a great achievement and major milestone in WebRTC development, which was possible with the coordination of web community and engineers from both Chrome and Firefox.

iOS 6 Features Passbook for iPhone

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 6 includes an incredible new feature called Passbook that will revolutionize the way people pay by mobile.  Passbook is an app that allows users to keep their tickets, passes and store rewards cards all in one place for easy and quick access.  This is a game changer for mobile marketers

The Blackberry 10

The BlackBerry 10 is the latest smartphone by Research In Motion (RIM), and it is RIM’s answer to Apple’s iPhone 5. But more than just matching the iPhone 5, RIM is betting both public and commercial users will find that the BlackBerry 10 outpaces all its rivals. The BlackBerry 10 has a slick new design

6 Simple Ways to Improve the Navigability of your Website

Each website has a form of personal navigation that differentiates it and makes it unique of its kind from any website . Often, however, there are few websites that have optimal navigation for your website : Pages that disconnected from each other, confusing layout, graphics completely absent or unclear and confusing.