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Nikon LCD screen – Get into a real world

The world is moving too fast and biggest technologies are being converted into mini technologies. These conversions made life very easy and comfortable as it tells that nothing is away now. These conversions are making biggest or big things to smallest or small which are now easy to hold and work with. There is a

5 Cool Gadgets for People Who Like Blogging

Here are five cool gadgets that do not involve some sort of plugin or online tool. These are gadgets that you can buy in shops and that will help your blogging in the real world. They are not some piffling little plugin that you will use once and then delete. The gadgets on this list

Nikon D800 Comes in a Senso

Nikon D800 comes in a Sensor size of 36.0 x 23.9mm full frame FX format with CMOS sensor type and 16.2 mega pixels of sensor resolution for detailed images for bigger prints. The ISO sensitivity ranges from ISO 200 to ISO 12800 and is extendable up to 102400. Nikon D800 has a continuous burst speed