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Google Glasses: What if Google Brought Technology Closer to Your Senses?

Google Glass is one of the most advanced inventions in past year 2012, having all simple computer features such as sharing videos, photos, check and respond to email, video chat, surfing the web or many more and the amazing fact is that you can do all these without the help of keyboard or mouse or

10 Most Popular Mobile Phone Gadgets

These days it is a fact of life that you will never be far from your smartphone; in fact your phone could even be looked upon as an extra limb you have grown. Whether at the dining table or in the tub, you will often feel the compulsion to religiously check your phone for status

LG Optimus L7 – A Smartphone For The Common Man

If you are new to smartphones and are in the market for a basic smartphone to get you started, a perfect choice for you could be the LG Optimus L7. It is one of the newest phones in the L-Style line-up by LG, which has come to be known as a reliable brand when it

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Hits the Market On 9th Feb’13

Microsoft announced that its forthcoming tablet will go on sale on coming February 9th with a starting price of $899. This tablet is actually a full- fledged laptop, will be available across US and Canada on various stores including Staples, Future Shop, Best Buy and of course Microsoft’s stores and online.

Google Plans for Project Glass Laser Patent Projector

Here is good news for all Android lovers as something is going to be craziest for them. This time the crazier thing is not from Microsoft Research, it is from Google. Yes it is true that Google has now a new dream of tiny laser projection system to control project glass.

Nikon LCD screen – Get into a real world

The world is moving too fast and biggest technologies are being converted into mini technologies. These conversions made life very easy and comfortable as it tells that nothing is away now. These conversions are making biggest or big things to smallest or small which are now easy to hold and work with. There is a

10 Affordable Gadgets 2012 Brought Us

As any gadget fan will tell you, a gadget is for life and not just for Christmas. Therefore, even after the festive period, we will still all want to fuel that yearning inside us for new and exciting things that make doing other things easier. And what’s better than a gadget? An affordable gadget. There’s

5 Cool Gadgets for People Who Like Blogging

Here are five cool gadgets that do not involve some sort of plugin or online tool. These are gadgets that you can buy in shops and that will help your blogging in the real world. They are not some piffling little plugin that you will use once and then delete. The gadgets on this list

iPod Nano Seventh Generation

  iPod nano 7th generation is Apple’s most wanted thing today. It came with a great idea and priced is also reasonable. With the almost all features that you may want in a basic MP3 player. Its selling like HOT CAKE but the problem seems to have been that Apple just can’t decide on what

Google TV Finally gets its own Video and Music Store

Google TV announced good news for all of its fans and users. Google Play is just now added to Google TV to give a rise in Google experience.  Google has a long way to go Enterprise Solutions Providers and in this way Google update its blog with amazing news for Google Fans.