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Shop Intel Powered Xolo X1000 for just Rs 13,500

Now that’s the good news for smart phone lovers, Xolo X1000, a fierce fast smart phone with an extra ordinary display with Android powered is available at just Rs 13,500. This Intel Clover Trail+ platform based smart phone was launched for Rs 19,999 in March this year, but now is available for just Rs. 13,500.

Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Even though we are constantly being reminded of how important it is to stay in shape, and even though we are daily being made more aware of the risks involved with leading an unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes we might need an extra push and extra bit of advice or motivation that will finally make us get

Top 5 VoIP Apps For Android

Many apps have been designed for the voip apps for android phones to make your calling process much simple and enjoyable. Let’s check out a few of them.

10 Android Apps You Should Try in 2013

Every Android user will always be in search of best apps for their mobile or tablet. Few apps and games on Android platform are very much addictive. Most of the apps seen on iOS can also be found on Android platform. If you are using Android smart phone or tablet, you can enjoy these apps

Windows vs. Android: Can the Nokia Lumia 920 Best Motorola’s RAZR HD?

For a while back in the early 2000s, it looked like Windows phones might be the way of the future. Of course, that didn’t really pan out, and we all either stuck with Apple, or switched to Android.

How to import your avi files to iTunes

Videos are one of the best ways to kill your time when you are getting bored or travelling to work or school in buses, train etc. If you own an iPhone then viewing videos is an absolutely delightful experience. However, the phone does not support all kinds of video formats including avi while majority of

Android Operating System Designed for Mobiles Phones

Android is an operating system designed for mobiles phone especially touch screen Enterprise Mobile Solution devices such as smart phones and tablets. It is a Linux based operating system and its applications are written in Java Programming language using the Android software development kit. It is currently developed by Google and releases the Android code

Android and iOS Soon Available with Microsoft Office

Microsoft office will be soon available in your Android and iOS apps. This amazing launch gives surprise to various Android and iOS users as past two years, there have been no rumors that the Microsoft is busy in working on iOS and Android. Well the company never revealed any information at early stage about the

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price and Specifications

Special Features : SmartStay (Screen senses when you are looking at phone and screen remains bright). S Voice (A iPhone SIRI like feature to help you do tasks using voice commands). Smart Alert( Phone senses when you were away from phone and vibrates when you come near to alert you of missed calls and messages)

Google Nexus 4G Android Phone 2011

Your wait for a smartphone that gives the most pure Android experience is over now as Google Nexus S 4G Android phone with its unending list of useful applications and great multitasking possibilities is about to enter the market. This is a Samsung-manufactured phone is for sure going to be another milestone added to Google’s