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Shop Intel Powered Xolo X1000 for just Rs 13,500

Now that’s the good news for smart phone lovers, Xolo X1000, a fierce fast smart phone with an extra ordinary display with Android powered is available at just Rs 13,500. This Intel Clover Trail+ platform based smart phone was launched for Rs 19,999 in March this year, but now is available for just Rs. 13,500.

Airtel Expected to Launch 4G Services by September in Delhi, Mumbai to Follow Soon

Bharti Airtel is expected to launch 4G (Fourth Generation) services in Delhi i.e. one of the lucrative data market in the country.

Nokia Music+ Subscription Hits Windows 8 and Windows RT

Here is the surprised announcement made by Nokia that it would launch its music subscription service for Windows 8 and RT, Nokia Music+ as an app.

Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Even though we are constantly being reminded of how important it is to stay in shape, and even though we are daily being made more aware of the risks involved with leading an unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes we might need an extra push and extra bit of advice or motivation that will finally make us get

5 Latest Game Applications for iPhone that You Must Not Miss

The powerful chip and efficient processor of iPhone make it easier for gaming apps to work more effortlessly. These gaming applications are easy to upload and interesting indeed. Some of the games even run perfectly on your iPads also.

Top 5 VoIP Apps For Android

Many apps have been designed for the voip apps for android phones to make your calling process much simple and enjoyable. Let’s check out a few of them.

How to Mobile App Technology Is Connecting The World?

An Introduction To Mobile App Technology Mobile phones used to be simple instruments that enabled us to make phone calls. Then the manufacturers introduced short messaging services into these phones. The mobile phones of this generation are completely different from their previous iterations. Almost all of them come packed with a punch to deliver! Mobile

Cheaper iPhone Price Revealed

Here is good news for iPhone lovers as the price of the supposed Apple’s smart phone is probably out, however, the iPhone’s cheaper version has not even been officially confirmed yet.

BlackBerry Q10 Review – BlackBerry 10 OS with physical QWERTY keypad

Second in line after the BlackBerry Z10 to incorporate the new BlackBerry 10 OS Mobile platform, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone is the first one to have a physical QWERTY keyboard with it.  This phone is targeted towards that audience who still has a liking for a physical keyboard. It is indeed a very small segment

Keynote Vs PowerPoint

What comes to mind when there comes a time we need to make a presentation? Of course, Microsoft PowerPoint, or atleast for 90% of the user base! Even though a lot of tools are available now (Google Presentation, Impress, Symphony, Keynote) for making presentations, MS PowerPoint has been the trusted tools by successive generations of