Cool Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy s3


Technology just keeps getting better for smartphones and mobile devices. Every time we turn around, a new mobile app is released or a cool new accessory becomes available. The Samsung Galaxy s3 is a popular mobile device with a lot of possibilities for add-ons and diverse technology features that other phones don’t get to enjoy. Even commercials about this phone show off how easy it is to share photos and videos simply by touching phones together.

In the world of mobile communications, cell phones may only be as good as their hardware in some cases, like camera resolution, but the world of mobile applications opens the door for unlimited enhancements and interactions. Consider these hot accessories and gadgets for the Samsung Galaxy s3.

Samsung AllShare Cast Hub

Like Apple’s AirPlay, you can use this exciting mobile gadget to share your Galaxy s3’s contents across your television. Share photos, videos (those you’ve taken or those on YouTube and other channels), play cell phone games on the TV, and more. You can view a larger-than-life version of your cell phone on the TV as well, making it easy to share all that you like with those in the room. Set up a music playlist or show off your latest videos of the baby, the puppy, or your vacation or house hunt. The All Share device gives you so much flexibility to bring the coolest things on your phone into a larger and more comfortable view.

Samsung TecTiles or Google Android NFC Tags

These cool mobile phone accessories allow you to save and apply specific settings with a simple swipe of your phone. You can store settings for work, settings for the car, and settings for home, even for bedtime. Make sure you get the related NFC application for your device to get started.

Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus

This paintbrush for your touchscreen can be lots of fun, especially in relation to apps for painting and drawing. Play a more artistic game of Pictionary or make a special digital painting for someone you love. The other end is a stylus, making this versatile accessory something you can use over and over again.

Black Diamond III Bluetooth Speaker

Play your favorite tunes through this color-changing Bluetooth speaker directly from your phone. The Black Diamond III Bluetooth Speaker provides ambient light that changes with the beat of the songs you choose. This might just be the gift for that person who has everything, the impossible gift recipient. This speaker comes with a remote and also has a wired hookup so you can use it with your iPod or other mobile device.

Additional gadgets and accessories for the hottest mobile devices are sure to become available at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place January 8 – 11. Stay tuned for more great accessories and apps!

Sam Jones, the author, recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy s3 and thinks its a fantastic phone.

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