What Is The Difference In WordPress Posts And Pages?

wordpress pages and posts

If you are a WordPress user then the time when you login to your Dashboard, you find two main options: “Add a new Post” and “Add a new Page”. Any person having a little common sense can tell that a page is different from a post but what is the exact different between WordPress pages and posts is the question that you may ask. Obviously, both are different from each other and the purpose of using both these terms is also different. In this post, we will look into that issue and try to figure out the difference between posts and pages.

WordPress Posts

Posts are the specialty of WordPress. If you make your own website, all you can do is to add pages to it but if you run your website on WordPress, you can not only add new pages to that site, but you can also make posts as well. Posts are great for blogging and we all know that. The posts on a WordPress blog show up in a timeline style. It means that your latest posts will be shown on top of the older posts on your blog.

WordPress Pages

Pages are basically the static parts of your WordPress website/ blog. If you add a page, it appears individually on your website and you can use it to structure your website. If you are planning to build a static website in which things don’t change a lot then page is the way to go. So, a page is an individual item on your WordPress website that doesn’t group with other pages like posts do.

Below are some basic differences between WordPress pages and posts.

Association with Categories

If we talk about WordPress posts then you can assign them to different categories. It means that you can manage and organize your blog easily by making different categories and assigning different posts to their respective categories.

On the other hand, WordPress pages cannot be assigned to a category which means that you cannot divide different pages in different groups. Each page acts as an individual member of your website.


Posts on WordPress site/ blog can be subdivided. It means that you cannot create post and then a sub-post to that post. Each post has a different meaning and though you can link different posts with each other, you cannot made divisions of posts.

Pages on WordPress website can be divided into sub-pages easily. You can make a page on your WordPress website and then make different sub-pages related to that particular page. Those sub-pages will appear below that page in the menu.


If you have written a blog post then you can allow or disallow your readers to comment on it. If you haven’t deactivated comments option in your WordPress setting, readers will see a comment box below your posts.

In case of WordPress pages, there is no option to add comments on a page. It doesn’t matter whether you have activated or deactivated the comments option in your settings, a visitor will never be able to post a comment on your page because no comment box is shown on WordPress pages.

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