Does Good Ranking Require Keyword Density?

SEO Keyword Density

I think before giving answer to this question, you need to know what is Keyword Density? It is the measurement in percentage of the numbers of time a particular keyword or phrase used compares to the total number of words in a page. Percentage is important because it’s how Google and other search engines read your content. The most used keyword or phrase used in your website is how Google categorizes your site with other websites on search engine.

Keywords or phrase plays very important role in good ranking like if we write website developer or web site developer? Which would be more effective keyword? Website developer wins billions of results whereas web site developer wins lakhs of results. It simply shows how much keyword place a important role in good ranking. If your keyword is extremely competitive, then the best focus is to choose only one or two keywords per page. You must determine which keywords are the most profitable for you. In addition keep sure to focus on those keywords your targeting customers are searching when looking of your product and services as well.

If we are talking about the body of your website, it’s important that your title have a much higher Keyword Density for Good Ranking. While writing content for your website, keep in mind to use flow of keywords that make content information rich and interesting. If you can consistently produce content with keyword phrases throughout the article, you surely win higher ranking for selected keywords. In addition, your audience read your content and when they see searched keyword in your content, they get for what they are looking for.

But to get high ranking never do keyword stuffing as Google do not like it or sometimes may ban your website or put on the penalty. And most importantly do not repeat your keyword unnecessary. We write article for our customers not for machine or Google, so try to make it interesting and understandable with your keywords or phrase usage.

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