Effective Ways to Get Quality Links

Quality Links

Link building is necessary to get high rank on search engines, but make sure the links you are getting on your website should be quality links. Links helps to measure the website or page rank and also affect SEO calculations. Believe me link building makes up 90% of your SEO success. It is a fact that on page optimization is important to get high rank but at one stage it will depend on quality links to get your website on high rank.

There are various methods to build links for your website, the thing you must keep in your mind is that they should be quality link, as Google spam or banned unnecessary links. And more importantly one quality link from an authority source can be more powerful than 100 sub standard links. Link building is very important part of SEO as it enables to reach the target audience and drives more relevant traffic. Many SEO firms know how to build quality links and they use many tools available for the same. Article Marketing is the best and easiest way to get quality links. You can use this method on long term basis as a part of your overall Link Building Strategy. Article marketing can be done with software submission as well as manual submission. But Manual submission is better than software submission as they contain many untapped back linking strategies that are not actually possible with them, so I suggest you to use manual submission of articles to some TOP article website. I know it is time consuming but it surely gives you quality links for your website, if you done it properly followed with its associated rules.

Another method to get quality links is Press Release. It is most effective way to get good quality links. Many press release websites are available online, you just find website in Google and there will be thousands of results shown. You do not need to post on PAID websites. You can submit the same press release to hundreds of free press release sites and get good results. You just need to write proper text in resource box and summary section. Do not worry about the duplication because you have no control on whose website your press release will end up on. So Isn’t it great? With less effort you get so many links, as some high quality document sharing sites might even pick up certain press releases, given you even more quality back links.

Other ways are Blog commenting, directory submissions, blog posting etc which may help your website to get a high rank on search engines like Google.

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