Google Glasses: What if Google Brought Technology Closer to Your Senses?

Google Glass is one of the most advanced inventions in past year 2012, having all simple computer features such as sharing videos, photos, check and respond to email, video chat, surfing the web or many more and the amazing fact is that you can do all these without the help of keyboard or mouse or facing the screen, this is all done with just a pair of glasses.

Yes, I’m trying to say with just a pair of glasses i.e. Google Glass, Google’s new computer is a thin strip of aluminum and plastic with a strange prismatic lens just below the brow. It is a step forward to universal computing with the aim of providing the internet access anywhere and at any time without using one’s hand.

This technology is really bold and crazy that forces Google Glasses App to do something cool for consumers in past year. After developing iPhone 5 and other smart phones, actually humans are developed a new problem and the problem is not paying attention to anything, they are actually doing. Now humans are busy in looking down to something, through something and avoid paying attention on their works, and what happens when they don’t need to use any device to get connected with your friends and family, to share any video or to chat any one at any time?

Google 3D Glasses

Yes now Google Maps 3D Glass makes all this happen, we will not miss all life’s moments and can share it also with our friends in just few minutes. The design of glasses is really beautiful and sophisticated or you can say that it’s an Apple level design or yet somehow ultimately simple. The glass is very soft and light weighted or having a soft touch plastic body that houses the brain, battery and counter weight.

If we talk about the color, Google is making device’s first version in variety of colors, something like gray, light blue, orange, black and white, that can match your daily wear. Well color doesn’t matter, but most of the time, people gets attached to the device, just due to its color. Now the question that definitely stuck your mind is how it really works? Or Is it really possible to check mails or do chatting with just a pair of glasses?

When you activate the glass, a small screen floats in the field of your vision and might be you are not able to see clearly, but don’t worry as it just takes a moment to fix this spectral screen in your vision. This glass actually works with your voice commands, you need to press the touchpad, present on the side of the glass and a little bit uplift your head slowly, to tell glass to wake up and once you done that, you can start commanding Google Glass by just saying “ok glass” and see the magic that it really responds your voice command.

Truly it sounds amazing to have such a device on our eyes in coming future, but as we know anytime a new technology comes, guys will instantly scheming on how they will use it, so it’s time to see how guys will use Google 3D Glass and how much Google makes it safer for others?

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