Google Not in Mood to Think More about Windows 8, Not Even Bing Is

windows 8

Windows 8 launch represents the biggest change in Microsoft’s operating system. But guess what Google and Bing thinks about Windows 8…??

Well this can be interesting or embarrassing or even often both. Check out what Google users see when they begin typing Windows 8 related searches:

Google suggestions:

Windows 8 Google

Now just have a look on Bing suggestions:

Windows 8 Bing

Google and Bing both are giving the same rating i.e. 25% to the Windows 8 search results. Of course that is not good for Windows 8 and it’s interesting to find out how the Microsoft’s own search results provide suggestions in this regard. Moreover Google and Bing both are western market search engines and gives priority to educating people about its ambitious new software.

Another interesting fact is that we can compare it to Windows 7 and let’s have a look what are Google suggestions on this:

Windows 7 Google

And Bing suggestions are:

Windows 7 Bing

It is all for fun only. Well windows 7 searches are more operational and Windows 8 searches are just for its newness in the market.

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