Google Plans for Project Glass Laser Patent Projector

google project glass

Here is good news for all Android lovers as something is going to be craziest for them. This time the crazier thing is not from Microsoft Research, it is from Google. Yes it is true that Google has now a new dream of tiny laser projection system to control project glass.

Google wants us to have the ability to use the palm of our hands to dial a number. It’s really seem  amazing and Google’s latest patent application continues this thought with what looks like projector integration into their project glass wearable tech. This glass has a button and a microphone for taking pictures of surrounding with a Qwerty keyboard. I know it seems untrue, but the fact is that, the glasses project a keyboard on to the hand of the user, who can then use his body as touch screen.

With the current study, this project glass includes a lens with all the computer bits on one side of your head and you can interact through a combination of voice, head gestures, and the touch pad present on the side of the headset. But these interaction methods have some limits and Google seems to be headed for answers to the projectors.

With the help of a camera that is able to detect your selections as you reach out, Project glass gives an opportunity so that you could simply look down and type in whatever you had like on your hand or on desk it appears as a full sized keyboard in front of you for typing.

Well according to this planning, we can say that Google engineers are thinking and working hard and one way to make that happen could be only the Laser- projected keyboards. And it also becomes closer to reality because high quality camera becomes available in a wearable format.

At last I must say, it is still a dream but it could be an interesting insight into the next generation of wearable tech from Google.

via Engadget

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