Google TV Finally gets its own Video and Music Store


Google TV announced good news for all of its fans and users.

Google Play is just now added to Google TV to give a rise in Google experience.  Google has a long way to go Enterprise Solutions Providers and in this way Google update its blog with amazing news for Google Fans.

Now you can buy and rent your own choice of music videos, movies and TV shows. Google Play gives you an opportunity to enjoy and share your favorite music and movies and you can also buy them directly from Google Store. As Google TV become popular in new generation, Google added these features in it. Google needs this change as the battle increases with Apple in the home theater sector. This new update in Google’s Blog also enables many other Google Play features including auto-updates, subscription billing and smart apps updates for developers.

From any Android device, consumer can rent or purchase the movies and music videos with the support of Google Play media on Google TV.  This amazing feature will be on your Google TV after a few weeks.

We need your valuable comments and views on this as your comments decided the love/hate of this new feature of Google TV.

via :- Google TV

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