How Link Exchange Campaign Runs?


Link exchange is very important to get high rank on search engines. So you should know how link exchange campaign runs to get successful linking for your website. Many us are aware about what is link exchange campaign, it is just like an agreement in which you can post your URL’s on others sites and they can do same on your sites.

Many webmasters don’t have idea about how to run link exchange campaign, it just like how effectively you find reciprocal link partners for your website. Your link exchange campaign will be much more successful if people with high quality websites look at your website and willing to link to their site. There are some points you should follow to run your campaign which are as follows:

  1. Firstly create your own blog and add link to your website, may be in the name of Associate links. Wait till these pages get indexed before you start the linking procedure, because no one put link on non index page.
  2. Select only theme based website initially with good PR similar to yours and make sure that they have a link page or a page where we can have our link and this page must be cached.
  3. Stay away from the link farms, as these are irrelevant websites having only advertisements and no useful for your websites.
  4. You should be selective, don’t try to accept link from anyone. Check every outgoing link and incoming link to your website.
  5. From the source code of the home page of the website, copy the title & description make title the anchor text & post the link, when you send a notification, ask for if any changes are required.
  6. Do not link one web master to many website hosted on same IP, because it’s a waste.

Hope these points help you to run your Link Exchange Campaign. I suggest you to make your different mail ID for the link exchange purpose similar to somewhat like, it just give an attitude of a mail from a professional and genuine person related to website very well. When anyone sees the mail from domain ID, he knows that this is from a website owner who is carrying on the campaign himself. In addition if you can have some site wide links (Links on all page of website) this sometimes called paid advertising. It may help you more as you get many links from that website. I know above formula takes time but surely it gives you success.

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