How to do SEO for osCommerce


Optimization for search engines means that your website will get more free visitors. SEO for osCommerce is not a difficult task if you have the right tools and knowledge about how to do search engine optimization for such websites. In osCommerce as your online shop solution and when you search for one of your products, your website is not listed in the first pages and even not in top 100. As a result you actually lose your clients.

Search engine optimization needs to be done correctly for any website and here are some tools which will help your website to increase visitors and rank as well. Firstly you should install osCommerce SEO modules like Header tags SEO, Ultimate SEO url. Both the modules are essential for on page optimization, use unique Meta tags for better search engine rankings.

One must understand and know how a shops titles and page headings should be handled for doing right SEO of osCommerce website. Google values the page title and Meta tags. You can change the title by editing the includes/languages/English.php file. Locate the following line in that file and change it as you like: define (‘TITLE’,’osCommerce’) and also try for the following code which is used in the patched versions of osCommerce and allows the shops title to be set in admin->Configuration: define (‘TITLE’,STORE_NAME);

Many SEO Firms do incorrect SEO for osCommerce websites. One should keep some points while doing SEO for such websites like:

Keep in mind when submitting links to directories that the websites or categories should be related to the products and services that you are selling. In some cases there is need to change coding as well to implement the link titles to display the keywords.

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