In WebRTC Interop Demo, Google Chrome and Mozilla Play Nice


When it comes to advancing the web through the use of open standards, the two Google and Mozilla may compete for browser market share. This has been a great achievement and major milestone in WebRTC development, which was possible with the coordination of web community and engineers from both Chrome and Firefox.

Today they come along by participating in a video call together. Before WebRTC arrival, this kind of video calling was mostly limited to flash based limitations. At this point, the showcased required for Google and Mozilla is limited to Chrome 25 and Firefox Aurora or Nightly.

WebRTC has been built with the main focus to keep content of conversation as private as possible and this has been going to pop up in more public places and anywhere else where developers wants to offer a web based line like Google+ etc.

There is no doubt that both Google and Mozilla considers the web to be the future platform and even Microsoft is not far away from this category as the reports reveal that the company now hiring software engineers to pitch in on a Skype for browser projects.

However it also seems that Microsoft will support WebRTC in Internet Explorer, to achieve the target of bringing its own VOIP app to the web.

Instead there is still more to do and we just hope that all will agree to get a web in more awesome way and can say that this is a major step forward for web itself.

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