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Apple released, in September, the iPhone that everyone was waiting for. Most people feel that they have made a good choice to upgrade their phone from 3GS to the 4GS for many reasons:

  • Slowness is history with the new version.
  • The iPhone 5 and its processor literally fly.
  • An incredible hardware performance.
  • Slightly weighted and thin.
  • It has a solid body and can be carried case-free.
  • A solar battery life.
  • The battery life performs wonderfully, you can get about nine to ten hours of web surfing, talking, chatting, and checking applications.
  • The performance is not amazing though, you can face few bugs while using the Wi-Fi or iMessages.
  • Some of the annoying issues are random reboots.
  • Out of all the smartphones, iPhone 5 has the best camera ever.
  • Regardless of the scene you’re shooting, the camera will give you beautiful pictures even if taken in low-light.
  • Amazing software upgrades were added to the camera.
  • You can make calls and use the web in the same time.

These are the reviews some people gave concerning the iPhone5. Every year a new phone is produced whether it was an iPhone, a BB, a Nokia, a Motorola or a Samsung. Companies work their best on keeping track of new technologies and of the fast rise of popular demands. Changing a phone is becoming a priority, some change a phone every 2 years others change their phone every few months. And what they are always looking for is comfortable and advanced features that will make the use of the device easier, faster and more reliable. A phone can replace a camera, especially when we possess a phone with high mega pixels, high resolution, and wonderful scenery.  It can even replace our laptop.

iPhone 6

Looking closely at the path of our daily routine, we can clearly see that a life cannot be conducted without a cell phone, and a business cannot be managed without it. Even our personal life gets affected by the use and choice of our mobile phone.

So, depending on the reviews mentioned above, iPhone 5 is one of the best phones available on the market this year. A light weighted, fast, full of new features phone is what we all need to keep track of our daily life. iPhone 5 can make a great gift for a beloved one, just remember not to break the new policy implemented by Apple in the United States that limits the number of purchased iPhones to two per person.

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