iPod Nano Seventh Generation


iPod nano 7th generation is Apple’s most wanted thing today. It came with a great idea and priced is also reasonable. With the almost all features that you may want in a basic MP3 player. Its selling like HOT CAKE but the problem seems to have been that Apple just can’t decide on what form factor the nano should be.
It’s gone from tall and thin, to short and fat as well, had a Shuffle with a full-colour, high-resolution screen. Its a multitouch device, but again become long, thin and rectangular. It has a HOME button. iPod nano no doubt is a great music player and apple put great effort to make it more perfect. Now the big question is, Do we still need MP3 player these days, or are they or we just putting brand APPLE IPOD?
Its thin and tall as always needed in any POD with various colour option for design with 2.5” screen on an iPod nano with a touchscreen interface. Come along with Bluetooth, with excellent WI FI range, audio. Its also support for new Bluetooth 4 devices. It’s a great device and capable of playing audio, videos and show photos on its display. Its come alon better. Come with Nike+ Sensor support and you do not need dongle. It has audio playback time versus predecessor which is good. It can show you video 720 x 576 resolution video, at 30fps with no Hassle  Overall nano has a lovely sounding MP3 player. In spite of this it has some bad show as well like battery life is low for video. Size also make it little less handy and no watch-ready size and shape. Less compatibility with some of past accessories.

Verdict: ipod nano 7th generation features and price are best and go along with this product. It a great product for Music Lovers and even for BRAND.

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