New Windows Version: Windows Blue is Windows 8.1 Insider Claims

Microsoft is preparing to launch its upgraded version, Windows Blue and named it as Windows 8.1, not Windows 9 as some of people have predicted. The upgraded version will include a number of improvements to the operating systems that are not distributed in service pack. Sources from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley revealed the name and this update and tipped to be released in coming August that will stick closely to Microsoft’s existing OS branding.

Windows 8.1 will mark a new access to Windows upgrade and updates, bringing future version changes to a yearly basis. Not only Windows 8 platform get a splash of color, Windows RT, most notably used on the Microsoft Surface Tablets will also get Blue color and suggested to be referred to as a Windows RT 8.1.windows_8.1

As per previous nomenclature around Windows Phone, it will make only minor references to the .1 incremental changes and it’s still unclear about the cost whether .1 update will be paid one or not, too.

According to the sources, some features possibilities that are expected including new split screen layout support, new range of pre- loaded apps and extra personalization support etc.

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