Nokia is Planning for 10 inch Windows RT Tablet

nokia windows rt tablet

This is not the first time when Nokia Tablets comes in news and this time company actually planned to develop a 10 inch Windows RT tablet.

This news has been revealed by the DigiTimes who saying that Nokia is originally planned to brining something interested in market. According to the sources if Nokia launches Windows tablets than it would come with a 10 inch display screen.

Today people are increasingly looking for a common digital experience between their smart phones and tablets with a PC. DigiTimes Sources said Nokia was previously considering launching a Windows RT tablet but due to Microsoft later announced Surface and the market for Windows 8 needed to be proven, Nokia decided to focus on smart phones.

According to the Stephen Elop, Nokia did not want to be 201 tablet numbers as already 200 tablets are available in market. The company’s want to offer something unique as “uniquely Nokia” and this is what the company’s tablets ambition. Nokia just continue to eye on tablet world but have not announced any specific plans for it.

10 inch tablets

The company is in talks to begin the development of Windows RT tablet with Qualcomm and Microsoft. The tablet is equipped with Qualcomm’s S4 processor with Compal to undertake ODM production. Compal is set to churn out an initial run of 200,000 Nokia tablets running Windows RT.

Well if Nokia does not want to launch Window tablet in market. It clearly shows that the company’s ambition is not just modest sales and really wants to bring something truly different and unique for their customers.

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