Nokia Music+ Subscription Hits Windows 8 and Windows RT

Here is the surprised announcement made by Nokia that it would launch its music subscription service for Windows 8 and RT, Nokia Music+ as an app. It offers a new way to listen unlimited amount of music and albums to almost all desktop PC, tablet and laptop owners. The biggest news is that this service is for Windows Phone based- Lumia smart phones called Music+ and Nokia will only charge around $3.99 per month for Lumia owners and allows them to download unlimited songs and music albums on such a cheapest cost in comparison to other competing services.

This amazing service is different from other services launched back in September such as Spotify and Rdio and focuses on mixes just like and Feature is as simple as that you just need to type the name of an artist or multiple artists and rest done by the Mix Radio. Similarly to Google Play Store and iTunes, Nokia Music MP3 Store offers around 17 millio9n tracks for offline playback.


You will need a Nokia Music+ subscription to use this wonderful app on Windows 8 or Windows RT device. However, there is no information about the users not having Lumia smart phones to sign up for Nokia Music+ subscription. So we have to wait that it is truly limited for Lumia users. Additionally, it is as lighter and cheaper option in comparison to other music services available for Windows 8 devices like Microsoft’s own XBOX Music Service.

So if you are searching a new way to discover music than this native app will be the best option for you.

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