Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Is it Worth the Price?


If you’re already the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2, you’re probably pretty happy. It’s a great phone, with high consumer satisfaction ratings. But you might be wondering if you should upgrade to Samsung’s newer model, the Galaxy S3.

There’s a hefty price to pay for the upgrade though, which depending on your phone plan could set you back hundreds of pounds. So is it really worth it?

The S2 is a great phone. The S3 is widely considered to be the best smart phone currently on the market, though. So whether or not you decide to upgrade will probably depend on whether or not you’re tech oriented, and whether you’re going to use all the new features or not. So what exactly does the S3 do better than its predecessor?

The King of the Phones…

What does the S3 do better? Basically, everything. The max data speeds on the S3 come in at around twenty three times faster than on the old S2 model (168 mbps over the old 7.2 mbps). That results in getting your data faster, whether you’re browsing the web, downloading apps, or sending photos to Facebook. That’s a huge speed increase.

There’s also support for the latest Bluetooth software version, meaning you get faster transfer speeds over Bluetooth as well as having connections suck less juice from your phone’s battery. If you spend a lot of time on hands-free, this is going to be a major change for you, and a good one.

The upgrade obviously has a faster processor, making the S3 noticeably more responsive and faster than the S2. Plus, the internal storage on the S3 has doubled the old S2 limit (you get 32 GB now, rather than just 16 GB).

The screen is another major improvement in the S3. The screen resolution is two and a half times better on the S3, so you’ll get a really good look at those clearer pictures. And the screen itself is larger too, 4.8 inches over the old 4.3 inches, which is a good twenty per cent increase in area.

Any Downsides?

We do lament the loss of the AMOLED Plus screen from the old S2. Super AMOLED Plus screens use less energy, and are thinner and clearer than the Super AMOLED screen that’s on the S3. But other than that, there aren’t many disadvantages.

The S2 is smaller and lighter, which is to be expected given the increase in screen size on the S3, but it’s not a huge difference, only about ten per cent weight wise.

So, Should I Upgrade?

If price is no issue for you, then go ahead and get the upgrade. The S3 is simply a better, faster, smarter smart phone. It does come with a price tag though, and it’s not a low one. Do you need it? No, probably not. The S2 is still a great phone, and does more than many other, newer competitors. Do you want it? Yes, absolutely. The S3 is a giant step above the S2, as we’ve come to expect from Samsung.

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