Samsung Planning for Galaxy Note 3 with 6.3 inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 5.2 inch screen, now Samsung plans for much bigger screen i.e. 6.3 inch for its new Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was already considered large in comparison to smart phones and in that case having 6.3 inch may just cross the line and it is also not easy to handle such a large screen phones anymore. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is already considered to be the crossing of smart phones sizes and often known as ‘phablets’ a segment between a tablet and a phone.

Well this move from 5.2 to 6.3 inch screen would probably be welcomed by users as one can take the advantage of the tablet like functions offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note.

It’s true that Samsung Galaxy Note has been successful around the world and the company has also sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in last two months. The company is not alone in this race as Huawei is rumored to be working on the Ascend Mates with the 6.1 inch screen display.

All these rumors are revealed from the Korea Times and it also claimed that an unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 will soon take place in next February. Just like Galaxy S3 event last year, company expects to follow the same track for Galaxy S4 too.

Via : Cnet

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