SEO Copywriting with its Strength and Weaknesses


SEO copywriting is the textual composition of viewable text on a web page. The crawlers of the search engine depend upon the keyword placement in the articles or content. Great SEO copywriting is not just to fill the article with some text and keywords it requires more than that like quality content designed.

Sometimes you see a new website or newly uploaded web pages are not performing well on Google ranking search results. This is because of SEO content on the website.  In SEO copywriting you need to look at in terms for what the people are searching for and then making sure that the terms are used in the content. Actually you can say that SEO copywriting uses keyword and key phrases to attract the search engines. Your website can achieve top rankings with the right keywords and key phrases in major search engines. Search engines want genuine Content Writing India pages, and for that SEO copywriting help you to make difference from others and at the same time it help search engine to rank your site better.

SEO copywriting has its own strength and weaknesses which are as follows:

When you search any keyword on Google, you will find that many website are in TOP ranking which have less back links and other off page activities. If you found two pages are on the top of ten search results, then one getting here by the SEO copywriting method and others may be due to search engine techniques. They are displayed on top because they match the search engine’s criteria or algorithm quite well. So I think you understand that SEO copywriting is much better than other activity in SEO. It gives fast results and if you hire a professional SEO copywriter expert, who have skills and knowledge about SEO copywriting, then the results are magical.

SEO copywriting is not applicable for all websites as some sites do not have option to add text on pages. This technique is fast but the professional SEO writer is not, he/she will charge more which gives significant cost of each page. It requires updated text, which sometimes affect result of ranking, so your site may slip in ranking, and then you need a good on page optimization and off page optimization activity to get high rank.

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