Tales from Search Engines: Which Social Media Sites Help Rankings [Infographic]


With so many strategies out there for getting better rankings, its surprising that you don’t find too many studies on the value placed on each popular social media relationship. A new infographic called “Testing Social Signals” aims to do just that by following six websites through their journey in search engine rankings.

Each website was created in a similar fashion for a different city but the same home service. The websites were then connected to one social media per each website, so one was targeted specifically to Google Plus, the other to Facebook. At the end of the study, the results reveal interesting developments.

Bloggers see search engine rankings as the final judgment on how well you are connecting to readers and followers. If you don’t have higher enough rankings, then pay attention to Tasty Placement’s study because you can certainly see a pattern that yields higher results.

For websites who have long been connected to Google Plus, it should come as no surprise that the study found Google Plus yielded the highest search engine rankings and gained 100 plus followers. Another website was targeted specifically for Google Plus One and received more than 300 plus-ones and also achieved a high growth in rankings. These were the top two by far in the study. Facebook was much lower, and Twitter barely gained any ground with retweets to the homepage of its website while another website targeted just for Twitter followers with a link to the webpage actually went down in rankings.

The results show that Google rewards using its own social media for rankings. With the highest rankings of all, Google really is trying to make its social media work for those who take advantage of his social media relationship. Tasty Placement’s control website which wasn’t connected to any social media didn’t show any significant change. However, it didn’t go down in rankings either. While the study was simple, it does show the importance of connecting to social media and making sure that it’s done right.


This infographic is presented by TastyPlacement, Inc, an Austin SEO Company.

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