The Blackberry 10

The BlackBerry 10 is the latest smartphone by Research In Motion (RIM), and it is RIM’s answer to Apple’s iPhone 5. But more than just matching the iPhone 5, RIM is betting both public and commercial users will find that the BlackBerry 10 outpaces all its rivals. The BlackBerry 10 has a slick new design and intuitive user interface, but the biggest draw for corporate users will probably be its superb security. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the BlackBerry 10 could well be the best purchase you will make in the coming year.

Blackberry 10


The BlackBerry 10 is loaded with new features that will please even current BlackBerry 9 or iPhone 5 owners. Some of the more interesting features of the BlackBerry 10 are:

Keyboard - The digital keyboard on the BlackBerry 10 is an easy to use, completely touch screen interface. The keyboard is designed to make the BlackBerry 10 a true one hand device, and as such it suggests words based upon the typed sentence. Users can choose words with a flick of their thumb.

BlackBerry Hub – This is the home screen for the user, and it is basically an inbox on steroids. The hub is a well organized gathering of the user’s incoming messages, calendar events, reminders, notifications, and just about anything else that involves written communication with the user. When the hub is combined with the BlackBerry Flow that is discussed next, it is a joy to use and behold.

BlackBerry Flow – RIM designed the BlackBerry 10 to flow seamlessly between tasks without forcing the user to get out of one application in order to get into another. This is accomplished with the BlackBerry Flow. Each screen is basically a window that the user can slide around to view other windows below or to the side. If the user is in one application and they get an alert that a new message has arrived, they can use their thumb to slide the current screen slightly off to one side in order to view part of the new message in the hub. If the message requires instant action, then the user can slide the application screen completely off to one side and handle the message in their inbox. If the message is just a reminder from a company to buy their latest product, then the user can slide their application screen back over the hub and continue to march.

BlackBerry Balance – This is an advanced security feature that allows users or corporations to set up separate sandboxes for work and personal use. A hardened firewall divides both sections to insure sensitive documents and data remain secure and private. Security software allows administrators to lock or even delete corporate data in the work sandbox if the BlackBerry 10 is lost, stolen, or otherwise jeopardized.

Camera – A new Time Shift feature allows users to highlight a section of an image such as a person’s face and shift the time for that section independently of the rest of the screen. This comes in handy on group photos when one person has their eyes closed. The user can highlight the person’s face and shift the time back to a time when their eyes were open. The software will then seamlessly mesh the revised image of the user’s eyes with the remainder of the original image, and voila, a new image is created with everyone’s eyes open.

FIPS Approval – The BlackBerry 10 operating system has been FIPS 140-2 certified. This means it has been approved for deployment by government agencies.

HTML 5 Support – RIM says the browser on the BlackBerry 10 has better support for HTML 5 than any browser on other mobile devices or even on desktop computers.

The BlackBerry 10 is a state of the art smartphone that is designed for ease of use and the reliability users have come to expect from BlackBerry smartphones. Its rugged yet sleek design will please users of all ages. Additionally its one hand operation for many tasks will allow users to multitask with ease. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the BlackBerry 10 may well be the phone for you.

Laura desperately wanted a new phone.  After extensive research on the various mobile phone deals, she finally settled on the BlackBerry 10.

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