The iPhone 5 Vs The Samsung Galaxy S III


This is a quick overview of both phones for those who are interested in what having each phone feels like on a day to day basis, without all the detailed technical jargon.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the best and most up to date iPhone apple have ever produced.  Its appearance is taller, thinner and much lighter to handle and its bigger screen enables users to see more text at once which makes internet browsing easier.

The iPhone 5 has a sharper resolution than the Samsung Galaxy S III and has a brighter screen which makes it easier to use outside. In terms of Apps, quantity is better than quality, and Apple certainly have a clear lead compared to the Google Play store where Andorid phones get their apps from. However for those every day to day apps that people use, both phones offer the same, so only very avid users would notice the difference.  Futhermore, the Google Play store is fast catching up with its rival.


In terms of its camera, the iPhone 5 beats its rival for pure photo quality. It captures that bit more detail and has a slightly more natural-looking colour.  Both phones offer a good-quality user-facing camera for video chat over Skype/FaceTime.

In a drop test, the iPhone 5 outshone the Samsung Galaxy S III by only suffering a small chip on the side when dropped from a height of 6ft. There was no damage to the screen which so often happens when you drop a smart phone.  So for those who have a tendancy to be clumsy with their phones, the iPhone 5 is a better choice for you!

For those less interested in the technical side of phones, the iPhone 5 is easier to use, hold and appears to be more robust, and for those who have smaller hands, the iPhone 5 would certainly be a more suitable choice.

The Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is probably the iPhone 5’s biggest rival.  It has a much bigger screen than its competitor which may put some people off using it, but seeing that so much internet browsing is now on people’s phones, why not have a bigger screen!  It will only make your browsing experience better, rather than hinder it.

The style and handing of this phone feels different to the iPhone as it has a much larger screen and it’s wider.  The overall feel of it feels less solid than that of an iPhone.  After a drop test the Saumsung SIII suffered a shattered screen, but overall there wasn’t too much damage, and to fix it is cheaper than an iPhone 5 anyhow.

Navigating your way around this phone feels more complicated than an iPhone, but a massive bonus is that it updates all its apps itself.   What sold this phone to me was the fact that it has a lack of restrictions compared to the iPhone 5.  Users can download music onto it without having to use iTunes as well as getting books, and videos.  Its connectivity is far better than the iPhone which means that  you output video and audio from the phone to a TV, which turns it into a handy media player for daily use.   Its wireless connectivity is great too. AllShare lets you fire over music and video to Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players through using your home Wi-Fi.  By plugging the phone into a computer its internal memory will show up as a disk drive, letting you simply drag and drop files onto the device.


Storage on the Samsung Galaxy is better too.  It has a fantastic feature which allows you to expand its memory using a micro SD memory card which takes up to 64GB. These memory cards can be purchased for about £40, giving you an 80GB phone for less than the cost of a 16GB iPhone 5.

The battery life of a Samsung SIII is better than the iPhone5.  It is easy to have a spare battery if you’re going to be away from a power socket for a long time since taking the battery out of the back of a Samsung is easy.  Try taking the back of an iPhone off and you break your warrantee.  Official batteries can be bought for about £15, or third-party knock-offs can be purchased from eBay very cheap.  With the new iphone, all parts have to be made by apple; there are no cheap short cuts!

Overall these phones both have their advantages and disadvantages and which one you buy comes down to a personal preference.  If money is an issue, you will find that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is considerably cheaper than the iPhone 5.  Now that most contracts average 2 years, getting a slightly cheaper phone is something to seriously consider.

Deborah Evans is a keen tech writer giving first hand reviews of the latest products. She has a keen interest in web testing tools.

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