Tips for Increasing Your Number of Facebook Followers


As a marketer, you probably already understand the importance of a wide social media circle, but you may not know how to achieve the kind of follower numbers that others seem to enjoy. Facebook is a fantastic tool for marketing, advertising and socializing, but how on Earth do you grow your follower base beyond the realms of your friends and family?

Amy Harris, the Community Manager for Expert Market, offers you seven quick and easy tips that will have your follower count booming in no time at all.

1. Share with Yourself

If you already have a Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook Followers or any other type of social media account, why not encourage your contacts to also follow you on Facebook? A few quick tweets or a LinkedIn status update suggesting that readers follow your Facebook page (together with the appropriate link) can be very persuasive. Do this over a number of days and weeks and you should see your Facebook followers soar.

2. Get your Facebook Friends to Promote Your Page

Your friends and family would want you to do well, so why not ask them outright to like your page then share it with their friends? If you add together the number of potential followers from your friends’ friends and even their friends, your Facebook following could grow exponentially within days. Just remember to be a little insistent as sometimes people don’t get around to doing things if you don’t remind them.

3. Promote it on Your Website

If you have a good amount of traffic through your website, then you should add an icon to it that allows people to follow your Facebook followers page. You should also have a similar icon on every blog post you publish, for if someone reads it and likes it, they may want to share it through Facebook. This can give you increased exposure to people you don’t already know.

4. Use Paid Advertising

If you have the budget, paid advertising through Facebook is a very effective way to increase the number of followers you have. Facebook are constantly looking for unique ways to monetize their business and creative advertising techniques are being developed all the time.

5. Become a Follower Yourself

A great way to attract new followers is to follow those you would like to follow you. Many businesses follow those that follow them, especially if you leave a short message to introduce yourself and what you do.

6. Communicate the Benefits

Every time you communicate with a potential client, anyone in your target group, or with other business people, always be sure to promote your Facebook page. Whether you prefer to communicate by snail mail, email or even e-newsletter, anyone who reads what you send should be able to easily find and like you on Facebook.

7. Forum Posting

Forums are a fantastic way to get your views out there, help others, receive help and promote your business. You can even use forums to attract readers to your Facebook page but you should be direct if you are going to do this.

An icon for your Facebook page or a link may go unnoticed, so write a tagline telling readers how much you would like them to connect with you on Facebook and watch your followers multiply.

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