Tips for SEO of Adult Websites

SEO is important to get high rank on search engines for each and every website. But when it comes for adult websites, it becomes difficult to get good rank on search engines. Adult website faces unique and difficult challenges on the SEO front. There is no doubt that these websites are very good in online money making business, but on the other hand it poses various different difficulties for good ranking and link building.

There are various factors that lead down adult websites in search engines ranking. Almost all adult websites are images rich and having less content. As content is a king on the web and adult website have certainly lacking in this regard. Lack of content is not a major drawback as SEO friendly content matters most here. It is important to check the less content written on adult websites should be written by keeping SEO in mind. Another factor is Google filter as Google provides few slots for adult websites in general to achieve good ranking. Some adult websites doesn’t have warnings for underage viewers that attracts Google penalty.

Directories, on the other hand gives adult sites good linking and possibly create some traffic. Various directories are available online which offers permanent listing to these kinds of websites. Black hat SEO techniques are common for various webmasters for adult websites but if you want it for long term then it should be ethical. Its fact that it is not easy task but you can try to make it ethical. Most of the SEO firm use these website and spam techniques like keyword stuffing, link farms, doorway pages and other methods which is not appropriate for SEO techniques.

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