Top 5 VoIP Apps For Android

Many apps have been designed for the voip apps for android phones to make your calling process much simple and enjoyable. Let’s check out a few of them.


CallsFreeCalls app is preferred by most of the people due to a variety of reasons. To start with, it is quite simple to use it. Initially, you need to register for an account with the company, and you can do that in a couple of minutes. Once registered, you will find several offers posted by the different sponsors. You also provide free bonuses for completing the offers. Now, you could call anyone anywhere around the globe for free.

This app is designed to make distant voice calling, conferencing, and video calling much enjoyable, easy, and convenient. All you need to do is dial the phone number along with the country code, and bridge the gap between you and anyone across the world. We feel that it is a must have app for all Android users.


Skype is another popular app in this category. It is one of the most suitable apps for all types of smartphones. It allows you to make app to app calling by using internet connection. Skype has received 3.5 ratings out of 5. It is a decent app, but the video calling feature on this is not that consistent. Sometimes, the video freezes while you are talking on the other side of the screen.


Many of you might have heard about WiCall. It is quite convenient to make calls anywhere in the world by using it. To receive a call through WiCall you do not need Wi-Fi. The fewer number of features and low voice quality are some of the drawbacks of this app.

3CX phone

3CX phone is another popular VOIP app for android phones. The easy user interface makes it very convenient to use. You could easily use it as your smartphone extension for making calls.

However, the call rates are cheaper than Skype, because it has been introduced with an aim to challenge Skype’s rates for making video and voice calls. However, it is not preferred over others due to its poor voice quality.

Tango – A VOIP application

Tango is designed only for making app to app calling. The software is available for iPhone, Android, and the Windows Phones too. Although it is useful software, you can make calls to phone numbers. However, it does allow for text messaging and photo sharing. It is more popular in eastern countries like Japan and Tokyo.


Before selecting any android voip app for your calling purpose, you could have a look at the customer reviews. That will give you a better idea about their efficiency. Although all the above mentioned 5 apps are quite good, some of them do have a few limitations. People prefer CallsFreeCalls because it is quite easy to use and high picture quality and apps for the android.

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