Watch Master Chief of Halo 4 in Action: Review and Story

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The Halo franchise is one of the most successful series in modern gaming, having sold millions of copies throughout the world. Since Bungie split from the acclaimed series a few years back, Halo took a brief hiatus in the main legacy and storyline. But it was only a matter of time until Halo would resurface, and Master Chief would continue the battle to defend against the Covenant forces.

Halo 4 marks the beginning of a brand new trilogy of titles, which will come to be known as the Reclaimer Trilogy. Halo 4 finds Master Chief continuing his precarious position at the end of Halo 3, drifting aimlessly through space. Cortana is alive in her robotic metaphysical sense, and wakes Master Chief after claiming that Covenant forces are boarding the ship. After clearing the ship, master Chief finds himself visiting a distinct world, run by an Empirical group of warlords known as the Forerunners. The planet is overrun with another sinister force called the Prometheans, and Master Chief is set to clear the planet and run a course stop the force and return to his home.

The game’s plot becomes just a bit convoluted and messy as the game progresses, where new villains and a whole new arc is introduced. We can only hope the story is resolved sensibly upon the close of this trilogy, but for now, it remains a bit bloated. With that said, it is in the game play where players will be most entranced. The now mastered Xbox 360 system allows for a more fluid and dynamic system, as opposed to the previous iteration in the franchise. The physics are top-tier, and enemy kills result in dynamic and individual kill scenarios where the enemy disintegrates from the position of its shot.

Chief Halo 4 Games Review
The game also includes a multiplayer campaign outside the main campaign story. A player gets to create their own Spartan soldier and go through a new storyline. It is a welcomed change of pace from the typical playing modes. The multiplayer is as tight as ever and easily outclasses the previous iteration in the franchise by competing with other big shooter titles on the market with a massive base of weaponry and a slew of new vehicles and armour upgrades. This title comes highly recommended as it refines aspects from the previous game for a more fluid approach. If you want this but are out of cash, same day cash loans can help you to pick it up, and it is surely worth every penny.

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